DC Removes Digital Codes from Comics

DC Removes Codes Without Announcement

This week, as you bought your comic books, you may have noticed something weird. No, it was not Jeff with the ponytail and the Cheetos smell. It was the fact your monthly DC Comics was missing something special. What it was missing was that digital code for the monthly comic that you could redeem on sites such as Comixology. On Comixology itself, the prices of the comics have increased to cost the same as their print counterpart. Instead, select issues such as number one issues or events will have the code.

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example of DC Comics digital code

Yes, DC Comics has removed the codes from the comics. Of course, this has made store owners and readers very angry. The same anger was expressed when Marvel did the same thing for their comics. But at least Marvel announced last year that they would be doing so before they did it. Marvel later reinstated the codes after similar outcry. Right now, DC fans are lighting up comments sections, threatening to drop all the monthly books in protest. Some are saying that the “value” of the books have dropped now that the codes are no longer in them.

I think we are overreacting a bit.

There Has to Be a Reasonable Explanation

First off, no “value?” The quality of the stories is still very good. Not to mention that a good chunk of the line is still biweekly and $2.99. Secondly, there is a dark side to these codes. While some people would use the codes so young kids could read without damaging the books or offer them to libraries, others had more nefarious ideas. They instead sold the codes for a profit, technically committing piracy. It wouldn’t be surprising if, in part, they are trying to clamp down on lost profits.

Also, it wouldn’t be surprising if DC, like Marvel, reverses course and brings back the codes. But I have a feeling that, because it’s DC, they’ll still be treated harshly if they do.

But what if there is another reason we haven’t considered? After all, DC’s streaming platform is coming out soon. While Marvel has had a free comics platform with Marvel Unlimited for years, DC has not had a similar service. That is, until possibly now. DC Universe was described as “a first-of-its-kind, immersive digital experience designed just for DC fans.” That seems to imply that the new service will have more to offer than new TV. Could DC be opening up a digital same-day library for subscribers to the new service? If so, that would be a vast improvement over Marvel Unlimited, which only allows new issues to be posted if they were published six months ago. 

Word of the Nerd will continue to keep an eye on this developing story.

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