10 SFF Books with LGBTQ Protagonists for Pride Month

10 SFF Books for Pride Month

Happy Pride Month! Although LGBTQ representation in movies is not what it should be, the view from book-land is somewhat rosier. For Pride Month, we’ve collected 10 SFF books with LGBTQ protagonists. (You can click on the titles for more information.)

Meddling Kids – Edgar Cantero

Pride Month Meddling Kids - Edgar Cantero
Pride Month

The Blyton Summer Detective Club’s teen detectives have grown up since their last case, at least chronologically. The three former teen detectives still alive realize that they need to go back to Blyton to figure out the real solution to their final case, despite their previous rational solution. And don’t worry, the dead member tags along too. If this sounds a little like Scooby-Doo + actual SFF, that’s the intention.

The Prey of Gods – Nicky Drayden

In futuristic South Africa, the future looks bright. However, a number of elements are coming together to destroy this futuristic society. Trapped among an AI rebellion, a hallucinogenic drug, and an angry demigoddess, how will society survive?

Amberlough – Lara Elena Donnelly

Amberlough - Lara Elena DonnellyAmberlough is a second-world speculative fiction spy book. It follows spy Cyril DePaul as he navigates international politics in the title city while trying to protect his singer lover Aristide. Nominated for the 2018 Nebula Award.




River of Teeth – Sarah Gailey

In an alternate nineteenth-century American South, the Mississippi River has a hippo problem. The United States government hires Winslow Houndstooth and his crew for a caper job where they try to mitigate this problem. A finalist for the Best Novella for both the Nebula and Hugo Awards.

Ninefox Gambit – Yoon Ha Lee

Ninefox Gambit - Yoon Ha LeeCaptain Kel Cheris has been given a nearly impossible task: recover the Fortress of Scattered Needles from government rebels, or heretics. To make matters worse, the major tool she’s given in her quest is violent and mostly dead General Shuos Jedao. The reason General Shuos is only mostly dead is because, when he was alive, he killed two armies (including his own). Kel Cheris has her hands full, to say the least. Ninefox Gambit was nominated for the 2017 Nebula and was a 2017 Hugo Finalist.

Not Your Sidekick – CB Lee

After an unspecified apocalyptic event, civilization has recovered to a point where it nearly resembles our own. However, some people now have superpowers. Although everyone in Jessica Tran’s family has a special ability, Jessica is both ability-less and directionless until she takes an internship with the local villain’s company.

Every Heart A Doorway – Seanan McGuire

Every Heart A Doorway - Seanan McGuireWelcome to the Eleanor West Home for Wayward Children, where Earth’s children go after they return from other worlds. Our ace protagonist Nancy goes there after her stay in the Halls of the Dead. However, someone at the school is killing people and taking body parts that denote skills.  Won an entire pile of awards for Best Novella during last awards cycle.



The Song of Achilles – Madeline Miller

As you may have gleaned from the title, this book is a retelling of the myth of Achilles. It’s retold from Patroclus’ point of view, and he is very clearly in love with Achilles. This is one of the classics of both the fantasy and the LGBTQ genres.

Autonomous – Annalee Newitz

Autonomous - Annalee NewitzJack Chen is a pharmaceutical pirate: she copies prescription drugs and gives them to the needy.  When she spreads a secretly dangerous drug, she gets blamed when the negative symptoms go public. Now she must figure out a cure while on the run. Nominated for the 2018 Nebula Award.



In Other Lands – Sarah Rees Brennan

In this fantasy bildungsroman, sulky pacifist Elliot Schaefer finds himself in a magical land going to military school. He insists that he belongs on the diplomacy track, despite being stubborn and argumentative. Elliot manages to make a couple of friends, Serene-Chaos-in-the-Heart-of-Battle and Luke Sunborn, and the three of them grow into adulthood at fantasy military school. Nominated for 2018 The World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) Award for Best Young Adult Book.


Do you have any other suggestions for SFF books with LGBTQ protagonists? Tell us in the comments or catch up with us on social media.

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