GameStop Will Sell Comics Now

GameStop to Start Selling Comics

According to, GameStop is planning to sell comic books, to add to their sales of video games and Funko Pops. The ThinkGeek-owned retailer has partnered with Diamond Comic Distributors to test-sell comics at 60 total locations. 40 of these will be GameStop stores, and 20 will be ThinkGeek outlets. GameStop plans to sell comics from Marvel, DC, Image, and Oni Press.

Pros and Cons

GameStop comics
GameStop plans to sell comics from these publishers.

It’s not clear what impact this could have on your local comic book store. On the one hand, GameStop may draw people away from comic book stores, which could be damaging. If people prefer their GameStop over their local comic book store, that comic book store could lose business. Here at Word of the Nerd, we are not in favor of local comic book stores losing business. On the other, GameStops are generally more accessible to people than local comic book stores. For example, my “local” comic book store is fifteen minutes away by car, and parking isn’t free. It’s also brand new, so I hadn’t heard of it until I just googled it. It’s in a mall, so it probably gets passerby traffic, but I doubt people go to that mall just for that store. Meanwhile, my local GameStop is six minutes away, next to a bus stop, and parking is free.

Since GameStop is unlikely to have the breadth of your local comic book store, it could serve to introduce children and Funko Pop enthusiasts to the comics medium. Then, the local comic book store could step in and share lesser known artists. Widespread selling of comic books isn’t necessarily disastrous. If it gets people interested in comics, rather than just comic book movies, do we care about the delivery system?

What do you think of this development? Is GameStop selling comics good or bad for your LCBS? Talk about it in the comments!

To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook

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