Review – Aberrant #1 (Action Lab)

Wartimes in Aberrant #1

An elite group of soldiers is assigned a mission to do what they do best. The mission goes as planned; run and gun, take out the bad guys, save the hostages. Everything goes well for these men of honor until some superhumans show up. The group is torn to shreds except for their leader, who somehow manages to escape. Grieving the loss of his friends and brothers-in-arms, he goes on a one-man mission to figure out how this calamity happened. What he finds is a mix of government conspiracy, double-crossing and things best kept secret. Does he fall into the trap or continue his crusade in Aberrant #1?


Aberrant #1 (Action Lab) cover A by Zsomber Huszka
Cover A by Zsomber Huszka

Aberrant #1 has that action-movie feel to it (which makes sense from its creator Rylend Grant). You got your elite soldiers, each one with their own kind of theme and story. They go into battle, bad thing happen. Survivor mourns and then goes out for revenge. Aberrant throws in some superhumans for a little changeup, but that is the basic plot. That, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. It is a cool plot that a lot of good stories are based around. It is the execution that is the problem. Grant doesn’t take the time to develop our main character. As the reader, it was hard to develop a connection to him. It also makes the rest of the issue a struggle to get through.

The pacing of Aberrant #1 is also off. Grant started off the issue well, with the team getting together and the whole battle, but after that, it slows way down. The whole back half of the issue feels like a huge information dump. The last few pages of two characters talking felt like it went on for an eternity. It was honestly hard to get through those last couple of pages.


The art in Aberrant #1 had its struggles as well. The art is not bad in the sense that everything is drawn mostly correctly, the characters look okay and it helps sequentially tell the story. It just lacks that “professional” quality. In a lot of the bigger angled shots, all the backgrounds have this curved look or feel to them that throws off the perspective of the scene. The backgrounds also lack a lot of details, making them feel very barren. Also, the scenes are lacking a sense of motion or movement. The characters’ clothing is very well done. It is detailed and looks fantastic. The faces also, for the most part, look great. Good emotional faces and very detailed. It is shame that doesn’t carry over to everything else in Aberrant #1

The lettering is also a little bit of the problem in that for the serious, mature tone Aberrant #1 is going for, the font on some of the sound effects gives off a more cartoonish quality. Which, again, is not a bad thing if that was what the series was going for. The coloring in Aberrant #1 is excellent. The dark gritty color palette works extremely well for this series.


I am ragging pretty hard on this issue, but it is more because I feel the story is actually a pretty good concept that just was not executed well in comic book format. The pacing of the story is off and the art just does not have that quality that this series needs. There are a lot of good things in Aberrant #1, like the fantastic clothing detail and an interesting story concept. It is just that the bad far outweighs the good in this instance.

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