Review – New Mutants: Dead Souls #4 (Marvel Comics)

“Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” New Mutants: Dead Souls #4

Magik may be a very powerful mutant/sorceress but even she cannot save everybody. Previously the New Mutants had a rough time trying to save a plane full of possessed passengers. While the plane was crashing, Magik teleported most of the New Mutants to safety, except for herself and Rictor. Busting into the cockpit, Magik finally confronted the person behind all of these supernatural happenings. It was Tran, Xi’an’s undead brother. All this was little too late, as the plane crashed with our heroes inside, and now they have to mourn a loss in New Mutants: Dead Souls #4.


New Mutants: Dead Souls #4 (Marvel Comics) cover by Ryan Stegman
Cover by Ryan Stegman

Egads, New Mutants: Dead Souls #4 is going to be tough to talk about without spoilers, but I will do my best. Matthew Rosenberg continues to bring us on this wild trip with this New Mutants mini-series (only 2 more issues to go). In previous reviews, I have stated that I am not the biggest fan of Magik. She just seemed too powerful and she had those sorcery/teleportation powers so she could do whatever. Well, Rosenberg got me liking her at the start of this issue and then it backtracked a little bit. I like that Rosenberg is dealing with her being a leader, and her reluctance to do it, and her lacking confidence in herself. Rosenberg developed her character a lot for me in this issue.

Obviously, with the group mourning and at a funeral, the team is going through some tough times, and it was very interesting to see the reactions from this tragic event. I am not going to say anything else because it could possibly spoil the issue.

I will say the big reveal of Tran as the big bad causing all the supernatural stuff was lost on me. Probably because I am not as familiar with the mutant side of the Marvel Universe as I used to be. But, really, who can keep up with all the craziness that has happened throughout the years? It didn’t have a big impact on me but it is still a cool reveal and a formidable villain for our team. I still have no clue what is going on with Warlock and the cabin in the woods. He got punked out by some pre-teens pretty easy though, so that has to be a letdown.


Adam Gorham’s art continues to fit well with this series. I am still not a huge fan of his facial expressions. They feel off and weird in a few panels. It is just really odd, for how good the rest of the art is. He has some fantastic panels throughout New Mutants: Dead Souls #4. There is a fantastic opening scene of the plane crashing as the team rushes toward the wreckage. Michael Garland uses some wonderful bright coloration to set the scene of a nice sunny day against the backdrop of this tragic event. Gorham continues to excel at catching all of these characters’ attitudes and expressing themselves through their body language.


New Mutants: Dead Souls #4 is another great entry into what is shaping up to be a fantastic six-issue mini-series. Rosenberg throws the reader for a loop in this issue and well, let’s just say it is a crazy issue of New Mutants. The art continues to be good with some great character work and superb coloring. Again, I am digging this supernatural mutant fighting team and each issue has been a lot of fun.

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