Review – The Weatherman #1 (Image Comics)

The Weatherman #1 Ain’t All Sunshine and Rainbows

The Weatherman #1 follows everybody’s favorite weatherman on Mars in the year 2770, Nathan Bright. He is funny, wacky, and says things you shouldn’t say. He may be a little annoying at times and can be over the top personality-wise. But hey, he brings viewers in and puts a smile on their faces in dire times. Life on Mars is pretty good, not like on Earth but still good. The mourning and dealing with loss is what’s hard. You see, more than half the Earth’s population was wiped out. That is a lot of people losing loved ones all at once, so you can see why people would be upset. You could also see why they would hate the person who was responsible and a bounty would be on his head! Cops, bounty hunters and all kinds of people are out for this man. One minute you wake up as the wacky weatherman the next you’re public enemy #1 on the run in The Weatherman #1.


The Weatherman #1 (Image Comics) cover A by Nathan Fox
Cover A by Nathan Fox

The Weatherman #1 was one of those books that I came in knowing absolutely nothing about it. All I knew was it was called The Weatherman, so I came in on a completely blank slate, and man, was it a delight. Jody LeHeup throws us right into this future world and lets the story catch us up. LeHeup does a good job of scripting The Weatherman #1 and letting Nathan Fox’s art set up this world. The terraformed Mars is obviously futuristic but not completely unimaginable from our world. This first issue does a good job of setting up the characters and letting the reader know what it is all about without a huge info dump.

LeHeup does some great character work throughout The Weatherman #1. He does a wonderful job with Nathan Fox our main character. He has that nice mix of he is kind of a douchebag character but somehow he is loveable and likable. LeHeup also brings out that at his heart he is very sweet and tender-hearted. It also helps he has a canine pal that is awesome. There is a nice twist storywise that even if you read the solicits is not totally spoiled; it ramps up the story and leaves you with a nice cliffhanger.


Nathan Fox does some superb work on The Weatherman #1. Fox has the kind of art style that I love. It is very detailed, but the ink lines are rough and wavy. It just hits this nice medium for me of being detailed yet slightly minimalist in his lines that just works for me. He has great background detail as well. He develops this world tremendously well, by adding little details that our eyes pick up and helps the reader figure out how this world works and what is going on. The character designs are fantastic as well, I don’t want to spoil anything but those bounty hunter designs are fantastic! Fox also does a wonderful job showcasing movement in scenes. Whether characters are fighting, walking or just eating there is a splendid sense of motion throughout each and every scene.

The fabulous Dave Stewart is on colors in The Weatherman #1. As most people, I am more familiar with his work in the Hellboy universe so it was a surprise to see him on this, especially with how bright the cover for the issue is. Obviously, Stewart is a veteran of the comic book game and it shows throughout this first issue. He uses bright colorations well in The Weatherman #1 and brings out that happy-go-lucky “vibe” to Nathan Bright when we are first introduced to him. 


The Weatherman #1 was a delight to read and caught me off guard by how good it was. Coming into this series completely blind was fantastic and the story caught me by surprise toward the end of the issue. It also has me very excited as the series continues. The story is imaginative an fun, with interesting characters and a world that is wide open for exploration. With Nathan Fox and Dave Stewart on art, The Weatherman #1 is stunning to look at. It had me hooked from the first page on. If you are looking for a good new comic to pick up, look no further than The Weatherman #1. It even has its own soundtrack!

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