Review – Venom #2 (Marvel Comics)

 “Don’t Call It a Comeback” Venom #2

We last saw Eddie Brock beaten and left for dead. It seems trusting a shady man who had a symbiote attached to him in the Vietnam War was not a good idea. Rescuing his soldier/symbiote buddies obviously did not go as planned either. Eddie’s symbiote strangeness has yet to be solved. It continues to act out against him and speaks in a strange language. Venom is going to have to get it together if he wants to survive what he unleashed in the tunnels that night. With a new beast terrorizing and secrets about the symbiotes past in the Marvel Universe unveiling, Eddie Brock is going to have to pick himself back up, because he might be the only one that can stop the end of times in Venom #2!


Venom #2 (Marvel Comics) cover by Ryan Stegman
Cover by Ryan Stegman

I was not super sold on the story after Venom #1. It was solid and interesting but I still was not attached to Eddie Brock or Venom as a character. Well, that has changed with Venom #2. Donny Cates has sold me on this Eddie Brock and Venom. Cates has started to build a connection to the character and has begun to develop who he is. It feels like Cates is giving him a little more depth and it is something the character needed.

I’ll also say this. If it wasn’t Donny Cates writing this and I trusted in him, I probably wouldn’t be so into this plot, with this new “god” creature and the symbiote being on Earth much longer than when it first came with Spider-Man. Cates has a way with these big grandiose stories, making them very human and personal. It feels like he is doing the same thing in Venom #2. So that has me excited and enjoying this story. 


Talking about big grandiose stories—if you are going to have a huge “dragon god” that eats symbiotes and stuff flying around, it helps that Ryan Stegman is drawing it! My, my, my, that creature looks incredible and terrifying on the page. The amount of detail Stegman and inker JP Mayer put on the page is impressive. The tight, bold line work by Mayer works incredibly well with Stegman’s bombastic pencils. As always, I love all the background detail. Stegman delivers it in spades, making the world fully come alive. There are some great pages and panel setups at the beginning, with the symbiote trying to piece Eddie Brock together while we flashback through his life, that are excellent as well.

A lot of credit has to go to Frank Martin on colors. Venom #2, like the first issue, is very dark not only in the tone of the story but in the colors. There are lots of black and dark reds, and most everything takes place at night or in not-so-well-lit areas. This could be a problem as the darker colors could mask the detail in Stegman’s pencils or totally mess up JP Mayer’s inks. Frank Martin does an astounding job of using these darker colors to bring out even more detail while really setting the mood and tone for Venom #2. Martin uses some wonderful flat colors in a few flashback scenes that look incredible as well. 


With Venom #2 I am enjoying this Venom series much more than I ever thought I would. Donny Cates is building an epic story while bringing good character development to Eddie Brock. The art team is truly incredible and works fantastically well together. Being vague to remain spoiler-free, but there is one page that is in space, just flip to that page and you will see how incredible this art team is. Venom #2 is just a good comic book, with a heck of a cliffhanger ending that has me very excited for the next issue.

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