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Review – TMNT Universe #9

Nobody leaves the Toad Baron's party even if you do not want to be there in the first place. Alopex and Angel just wanted to relax in the...

I hate fairyland #12

Review – I Hate Fairyland #12

In I Hate Fairyland 12, Gert seeks redemption for her past crimes. This issue is Young’s first full on homage/parody of a single author/artist.


Review – Redneck #1

When you live somewhere long enough you are bound to make enemies. From the dawn of time, different clans have battled and made enemies with each...


Review – God Country #4

God Country #4 continues to be a tour de force of comic book mastery. Donny Cates continues Emmett's journey with Valofax and the repercussions that...


Review – Unfollow #17

In Unfollow #17, Billionaire Larry Ferrell, a technological wizard, dies, leaving his 18+ billion dollars to 140 Twitter followers.


Review – Seven to Eternity #5

Even without his power the god of whispers can still cause trouble with just a few words, causing deceptive thoughts and visions in the minds of his...


Review – Grass Kings #2

With Robert the leader of the Grass Kingdom still dealing with his depression and alcohol abuse his two younger brothers Bruce and Ashur must keep...


Review — Spencer and Locke #1

A troubled past is brought back to life for detective Locke when he has to investigate a murder of a childhood friend. Being brought back into his...

Iron Fist #2

Review – Iron Fist #2

Danny Rand has entered "The Trial of the Seven Master" to regain his chi. With each battle he regains a little bit of his power but will he be able...


Review – Extremity #2

Things are getting heated in the world of Extremity. In Extremitiy #2 we are introduced to some new aspects of the world and find out some vital...


Review – Hulk #4

In Hulk #4, Mariko Tamaki explores the effects trauma has on the psyche of two characters - Jennifer Walters and Maise Brewn.

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