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Adventures of The Nerd #3

Attention nerds and nerd ladies! Here we have this month’s edition of Adventures of The Nerd, which puts us on #3. This month’s strip was...


Adventures of The Nerd #2

The Nerd is back! Hey there Nerd fans! After the success of Adventures of The Nerd #1 (or more likely “a lack of complaints”), comes the...


Adventures of The Nerd #1

Hey there nerds! I have decided to try to do a regular “Nerd-related” comic strip for Word of the Nerd! But first I’m going to tell...


Reflections on Batgirl

For those of you who know me (or who read my blog), you will know that DC’s decision to reboot Batgirl with Barbara Gordon taking up the cowl...


Comic Spotlight: Batman Inc.

In may 2012, the new DC universe will expand with six new ongoing series being launched, one of those titles is Batman Incorporated. Grant Morrison...


Courage My Love – I Sell Comics

One of the coolest things @ThatKevinSmith has ever posted on Twitter.  Not only is it about one of my favorite hobbies and past times, it’s a...

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