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Creator Interview: Violent Love

Word of the the Nerd interviewed Frank J. Barbiere & Victor Santos about Violent Love #1 through Image Comics which goes on sale on November 9, 2016.

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Creator Interview: Mayday

Mayday is a five-part Cold War thriller set in 1971 about two Soviet operatives sent to California to kill a defector and recover top-secret...


Creator Interview: End Game

Word of the Nerd interviews writer Andrew Hines about his Go Fund Me project End Game, a homage to the super hero comic book genre. The premier issue...


Creator Interview: Cannibal

New York Times bestselling writer Brian Buccellato, co-writer Jennifer Young and artist Martias Bergara join forces again for the first time to craft...


50 Years of Poison Ivy

In June of 1966, Batman #181 was published, and the world was introduced to a notorious eco-terrorist with no origin story who tempted Batman into a...


Creator Interview: The Discipline

The Discipline is a seductive mystery from Image Comics by writer Peter Milligan and artist Leandro Fernandez . Melissa is sexually frustrated by her...

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Creator Interview: Dean Haspiel

Dean Haspiel is a writer and artist whose body of work continues to grow at breakneck speed.  In 2010 he won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title...


Creator Interview: Solar Flare

Word of the Nerd presents Creator Interview: Solar Flare with series creator and writer James Haick.  The title has had six issues successfully...

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