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TMNT Universe #10

Review – TMNT Universe #10

TMNT Universe #10 continues Alopex and Angel's journey in the Toad Baron's world. He is throwing the worlds greatest party and all Angel and Alopex...

Redneck #2

Review – Redneck #2

After the death of JV's son he has a lot of questions to ask Bartlett as if he is the one that brought this all upon his family. His other family...

Seven to Eternity #6

Review – Seven to Eternity #6

In Seven to Eternity #6 the group is attempting to get out of the cursed swamp a place no one dares to go into, not even the Piper. We soon find out...

Sovereigns #1 cover

Review – Sovereigns #1

In this action-packed introductory issue, Sovereigns #1, Turok has gone missing- maybe for good - and Magnus sets off on a mission to discover the...

Night Owl Society #2

Review – Night Owl Society #2

David has brought together a "rag tag" group of high school kids together to take down a crime boss and make him pay for killing a teacher and friend...

God Country #5

Review – God Country #5

God Country #5 Attum wants Valofax back & he sends the "god of war" to get it, but when Emmett said "come and take it" he meant it. Now it is time...

Regression #1

Review – Regression #1

Cullen Bunn is no stranger to graphic horror- but Regression #1 hits a new high of creepiness and gore that is sure to impress and disgust.


Review – Grass Kings #3

Things is the Grass Kingdom may never be the same again. The mysterious woman pulled from the lakes identity is revealed and Sheriff Humbert brother...

Misfit City #1

Review – Misfit City #1

Living and working in the town where the iconic 80's adventure flick "The Gloomies" was filmed seems like it would be great, except if you actually...

Fresh Off the Boat FCBD

FCBD Review: Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off the Boat Presents: legion of Dope-itude Featuring Lazy Boy is a great all-ages comic written by Gene Luen Yang, available for Free Comic...


FCBD Review – TMNT

TMNT Free Comic Book Day 2017 edition offers up a great free comic to get new readers up to date on the series and offers exctiing teases on the new...

I hate image

FCBD Review – I Hate Image

Join the lovable, violent Gert (from I Hate Fairyland) on a bloody and hilarious journey through Image's best and bloodiest titles in I Hate Image!

Iron fist #3

Review – Iron Fist #3

Danny continues to fight his way through the trial of the seven masters on the Island of Liu-Shi his battle is far from over and the odds are...

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