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Review – TMNT Universe #11

Sally Pride and Man Ray are on the look out for sightings of a new mutant in New Jersey, but they are not the only ones. Null is back in action and...

Swordquest #1

Review – Sword Quest #1

With only six months to live and not much else happening positive happening in his life, Peter decides to get re aquanited with his old child hood...

The Defenders #1

Review- The Defenders #1

When Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil are all attacked things seem a little more than fishy. They learn that Diamondback is back...

Doctor Strange

Review – Doctor Strange #20

In which Doctor Strange pretends to be a dog, steals a wand, goes visiting Weirdworld and gets into a tight place, and we say goodbye to Aaron...

Grass Kings

Review – Grass Kings #4

Sheriff Humbert sent "big" Dan and Lo to infiltrate the Grass Kingdom and find his missing wife Maria whom he suspected ran way their. Lo waited in...

Misfit City #2

Review – Misfit City #2

It is going to be the most exciting summer for a group of girls in Cannon Cove! After finding a lost treasure map they are off on an adventure that...


Review – TMNT Ongoing #70

Old Hob springs his plan to free the rest of his friends the Mutanimals from Agent Bishop and The Earth Protection Force. No one knows for sure what...


Review – The Unsound #1

Ashli Granger is a nurse that just wants to help people and that what she thinks she will be doing on her first day of her new job at the recently re...

Extremity #4

Review – Extremity #4

Jerome goes to confront the man that took the life of his wife during the war, but Dang is now a changed man no longer making instruments of war. Can...

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