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Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #4 Review

Now in its fourth issue, the Thunderbolt relaunch is going on strong. After a business trip to Japan that did not go how Peter Cannon planned, he...


Avengers Arena #1 Review

The assassin Arcade kidnaps 16 superpowered teenagers and places them in a death match. That’s the setup for this controversial series. The...


Review: Perhapanauts #2

I don’t quite know where to begin. Mostly because I feel like I’ve missed something while reading Todd and Craig’s Perhapanauts #2...


Review: Bedlam #2

If I have nightmares tonight, I’m blaming Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo. Seriously, I must have a masochistic streak because no sane person...


1 Tweet Comic Review

As long as Mo – Fo’s keep making comics we will keep Mo – Foing reading them and then we will make 140 character sarcastic comments about them.  ...{subid}&url=instock.asp?utm_source=Home_290x85_A&utm_medium=promo&utm_content=FreeShip79&utm_campaign=FS_050914

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