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I hate image

FCBD Review – I Hate Image

Join the lovable, violent Gert (from I Hate Fairyland) on a bloody and hilarious journey through Image's best and bloodiest titles in I Hate Image!

Iron fist #3

Review – Iron Fist #3

Danny continues to fight his way through the trial of the seven masters on the Island of Liu-Shi his battle is far from over and the odds are...

Extremity #3 cover

Review – Extremity #3

The Roto clan mounts an attack upon on a heavily armed Paznina out post while Thea continues to come to terms with her lost limb and ability to draw...


Review – TMNT #69

The turtles and Old Hon have been trapped and need to escape the clutches of Agent Bishop and the EPF. Mondo Gecko uses his stealth tatics to steal...


Review – Swordquest #0

Peter Case literally doesn't have much time to live and with time ticking he decides it is time to get the one thing he was denied in his child hood...


Review – Namwolf #1

Marty Spencer has been flung into the jungles of Vietnam. After turning eighteen and being drafted he is sent into battle. What seems like certain...


Review – TMNT Universe #9

Nobody leaves the Toad Baron's party even if you do not want to be there in the first place. Alopex and Angel just wanted to relax in the...

I hate fairyland #12

Review – I Hate Fairyland #12

In I Hate Fairyland 12, Gert seeks redemption for her past crimes. This issue is Young’s first full on homage/parody of a single author/artist.


Review – Redneck #1

When you live somewhere long enough you are bound to make enemies. From the dawn of time, different clans have battled and made enemies with each...


Review – God Country #4

God Country #4 continues to be a tour de force of comic book mastery. Donny Cates continues Emmett's journey with Valofax and the repercussions that...


Review – Unfollow #17

In Unfollow #17, Billionaire Larry Ferrell, a technological wizard, dies, leaving his 18+ billion dollars to 140 Twitter followers.

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