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Ether #3

Comic Review – Ether #3

In Ether #3, a copper golem fires a magic bullet killing a person of interest Boone and Glum are interrogating, which ignites a chase through the...

Curse Words #1 fi

Comic Book Review- Curse Words #1

Curse Words #1 follows a seemingly good wizard named "Wizord" doing quite well for himself on Earth. He is granting people wishes and even has a cute...

loose ends #1

Advanced Review – Loose Ends #1

Before his first big stateside dope run, Sonny rolls into his old stomping grounds to tie-up some loose ends and make amends with the mother of his...


Comic Review -The Few #1

The Few #1 is a fantastic first issue that sets up a new world and characters wonderfully all in one issue, While The Few does seem from a first...

God Country #1 cover

Comic Review: God Country #1

God Country #1 is a story of family, hope, struggles and a big sword! "A Long Time Ago, Out in West Texas, there was a storm", So the story begins!


Comic Book Review – Red Dog #2

In issue #2 we really get some great insight into Kyle and his struggles with his family life. We also get some great interactions between Kyle, his...


Comic Review – Saga #41

Saga has been described as Star Wars meets Game of Thrones meets Romeo and Juliet meets Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care meets Firefly - sounds at...


Comic Review: Ghost Rider #2

Robbie Reyes is coming to terms being The Ghost Rider, but with The Hulk and Wolverine in town things are about to get more intense in Ghost Rider #2

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