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Review – TMNT Ongoing #70

Old Hob springs his plan to free the rest of his friends the Mutanimals from Agent Bishop and The Earth Protection Force. No one knows for sure what...


Review – The Unsound #1

Ashli Granger is a nurse that just wants to help people and that what she thinks she will be doing on her first day of her new job at the recently re...

Extremity #4

Review – Extremity #4

Jerome goes to confront the man that took the life of his wife during the war, but Dang is now a changed man no longer making instruments of war. Can...


Review – Night Owl Society #3

With the night owl society finding out David's secret that his father is the Viceroy they have officially dibanded, leaving David to deal with his...

Saga #43

Review – Saga #43

Coming off of a two-month hiatus which felt as if it had been much longer, Saga #43 opens the eighth story arc with a lot to digest for just 25 cents.


Review – Moon Knight #14

Everything comes together in this issue. Khonshu has been toying with Marc Spector from the begining to make him an empty vessel for the moon gods...


Review – Aliens: Dead Orbit #2

Aliens: Dead Orbit continues with its heart pounding pace and inherit doom. With Wascylowski still surviving try to escape two Xenomorphs we continue...


Review: Spencer and Locke #2

Spencer and Locke continue to investigate the mystery of the murder of Locke's past love Sophie. The mystery brings them to the seediest part of town...

TMNT Universe #10

Review – TMNT Universe #10

TMNT Universe #10 continues Alopex and Angel's journey in the Toad Baron's world. He is throwing the worlds greatest party and all Angel and Alopex...

Redneck #2

Review – Redneck #2

After the death of JV's son he has a lot of questions to ask Bartlett as if he is the one that brought this all upon his family. His other family...

Seven to Eternity #6

Review – Seven to Eternity #6

In Seven to Eternity #6 the group is attempting to get out of the cursed swamp a place no one dares to go into, not even the Piper. We soon find out...

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