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Rogues! Instant Sell Out

It’s not that often that a comic sell out before shipping. And if it does it is usually one of the bigger names releasing a highly anticipated...


Review: Age Of Ultron #10

The Age of Ultron is over, isn’t it? I can’t figure out if issue #10 was the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end for Ultron...


Review: Captain Midnight #0

It’s interesting how heroes of a bygone era suddenly transported to or recovered in the present day have become so popular. Captain America...


Earth 2: Under New Management

Just twelve short months ago the New 52 reboot of the Justice Society, Earth 2,  hit the shelves. New versions of the JSA characters, a whole world...

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Top Cow Wants You

Are you a cosplayer or someone who just likes to dress up? Ever wanted to be featured in a Comic Book? Planning on attending this year’s Comic...

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Nova Joins Infinity Lineup

Infinity appears to be the next major Marvel comics event, and Nova has been tapped for the team. Way back in 1991, the Infinity Gauntlet event...

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