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the shining

Why The Shining is a Masterpiece

Stephen King’s contribution to horror literature has been impeccable. King has written 56 novels, and over 200 short stories and most of those novels...

the nightingale

Book Review – The Nightingale

The Nightingale is not a story for the faint of heart. It is a carefully written and deeply forlorn novel that brings out the worst of war.

Dark Matter Cover

Book review – Dark Matter

Author: Blake Crouch Publisher: Crown Published July 26th 2016 Pages: 342   Bringing Dark Matter into Light Blake Crouch, author of the best...

inferno dan brown

Book Review – Inferno

Author: Dan Brown Publisher: Doubleday Publication Date: May 14, 2013 Page count: 609 Dan Brown has been a controversial author. Ever since he...

prince of fools

Book Review – Prince of Fools

Prince of Fools is an intriguing tale of a coward. This is the epitome of Mark Lawrence's storytelling ability; he couldn't possibly get any better.

King End of Watch

Book Review – End of Watch

End of Watch is the finale to King's crime thriller trilogy starring Bill Hodges. How good is it? WOTN presents Book Review End of Watch.

Station Eleven

Book Review – Station Eleven

Station Eleven is a beautifully written novel. It inundates with characters and their stories, forming a mystical bond between the reader and the...

Ageless cover

Book Review – Ageless

Paul Inman's novel Ageless takes us on an 85 year journey where a young girl, Alessandra must elude captors that want to control her ability to self...

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