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Superman Spotted On Kent Farm

An exciting image from set of Superman: Man of Steel.  It shows an actor we can only assume is Henry Cavill in the Superman costume.  His...


Man Of Steel Plot Synopsis

This comes from an open casting call from the Vancouver Island area where filming for the new Superman movie is taking place.  The sheet is...


Closer View of the Batwing

Here are some better, closer views of what most people are calling the Batwing from The Dark Knight Rises.  Based on these better pictures I am...


Is This The Batwing?

This picture was taken in Pittsburgh near the Wabash Tunnel.  It is some sort of vehicle based off the Tumbler design.  Could this be the...


Marvel Movie Universe Timeline

Film Buff Online has come up with a great timeline, putting into perspective the series of Marvel movies leading into The Avengers.  The...


Lucas Loses Stormtrooper Copyright

George Lucas, the mastermind behind Star Wars.  Convinced the studio back in 1975 to give him all the copyrights and licensing to his space opus...


SDCC – Avengers Assembled

Here is the entire set of The Avengers concept art.  Each one listed individually and the completed set.  Enjoy!

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Hulkbuster Build-A-Figure Review This is my first attempt at doing a product review. I used one of…