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Reviewer’s Word: Looper

Looper takes place in the future’s past.  Set in 2044, our narrator (Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe) explains that while time travel hasn’t been...


Reviewer’s Word: The Possession

If you are like me, you’ve scrolled through popular auction sites and have seen bizarre things up on the block such as “ I dug this jar up from a...


Movie Review: Prometheus

Set in the year 2093, Prometheus tells the story of a 17-person crew answering an invitation from an advanced, alien race left in the form of ancient...


Movie Review: The Avengers

About The Avengers, a friend said, “First time ever I’ve gone to a movie with ridiculously high expectations and not only had them met...


Review – The Avengers

WARNING: What you are about to read may come across as biased. It’s not my fault, really. You can’t tease and talk to me about  a movie...


The Reviewer’s Word: The Raven

The Raven puts me in a bit of a predicament. I want to be cynical and say that it was a terrible movie and not worth your ticket cost, but I will...

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