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Film Review – The Nice Guys

Written and Directed by Shane Black, 'The Nice Guys' is a buddy-cop film that throws back to Black's earlier work seen in the 'Lethal Weapon' series.


Film Review – Keanu

All the creative forces behind 'Key and Peele' are on display in 'Keanu.' The cat is cute and the jokes are funny. Read Word of the Nerd's review...

The Jungle Book

Film Review – The Jungle Book

Adapting the 1967 animated film, The Jungle Book is directed by Jon Favreau and succeeds at having audiences investing in the journey of the man-cub...

Hardcore Henry

Film Review – Hardcore Henry

'Hardcore Henry' seeks to deliver the experience of a first person shooter, with all the thrills involved. Read Word of the Nerd's review here.


Film Review – Zootopia

Disney's Zootopia is a fun tale of a bunny and fox working together in anthropomorphic world while dealing with problems our world faces today.


Film Review – Deadpool

After the disastrous 'Wolverine', Deadpool is back with a vengeance. The X-Men side character curses, kills, and breaks the 4th wall. Read our review...


Film Review – Hail, Caesar!

Featuring both great performances and witty dialogue that is expected by the Coen Brothers, 'Hail Caesar!' is another bizarre entry in the Coens'...

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