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Some Beautiful Avengers Pictures

Six new Avengers pictures have hit the web, and unlike all the posters, these seem genuinely nice looking and not completely photoshopped, The one of...


Sin City 2 is Finally Official

After a huge wait for fans, Sin City 2 is finally on the way and was confirmed this morning via a press release from Dimension Films. The second film...


A Catwoman for the Real World

Over the last couple of months, The Dark Knight Rises seems to have gone a little quiet compared to The Avengers and Prometheus. As the other two...


Epix and Marvel Heroes Weekend

Who is ready for the Avengers film this May? I have been really excited about this film ever since they announced that they were leading up to it...


Wrath of the Titans: By the Gods!

I knew going into the theater that Wrath of the Titans wouldn’t be movie of the year. I wasn’t going in with high expectations. However...


New Posters For Pixar’s Brave

Interesting, gender-role challenging, female protagonists always get me excited, so when I saw the first previews for Pixar’s upcoming summer...


Ted Is Real

At first I thought it was an April Fools joke, but after searching through the web and trying to find out the truth, it turns out that Ted is Real...{subid}&url=prodinfo.asp?number=FU14012EE

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