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To Stream or Not To Stream?

The best way to watch your favorite shows and movies is through streaming services. Great selections at competitive prices open up a whole world of...

Family portraits of Barb cr. Stranger Things Wiki

Stranger Things: The Barb Effect

Barb Holland of Stranger Things may not go down in series history with the likes of Buffy Summers, Walter White, Olivia Pope, or even Eleven from...

Sherlock on the BBC

Why Are We Sherlocked?

There have been several iterations of Sherlock. This article goes over why we are obsessed with Sherlock Holmes as a character in general, but...


The Appeal of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a behemoth of television, delivering the most spectacular set pieces. But what exactly is so appealing about this HBO fantasy...

J!NX Brand 1

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