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Arrow Recap 2.11 Blind Spot

The previous episode of Arrow ended with Laurel Lance investigating a psychiatric institute and learning that her sort-of boyfriend, Sebastian Blood...


Arrow Recap 2.10 Blast Radius

And we are back! I hope everyone had an enjoyable and happy mid-season break. It’s been a while, so to get everyone up to speed, let’s go over what...


Review – Ben 10 #02

It looks like Ben 10 isn’t going to be as lonely as he expected on this vacation. Ben and the gang find themselves entering the hidden city of...


Arrow Recap 2.09 Three Ghosts

So the last episode of Arrow ended with John Diggle and Felicity Smoak having drugged and kidnapped Barry Allen so that he could use his talents as a...


Arrow Recap 2.07 State v. Queen

Six months ago — i.e. the end of season one of Arrow — Moira Queen held a press conference to let the world know that she conspired with...

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