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Bar/Arcades a Growing Trend

Mixing games with pubs and bars is not a unique concept, however it has began to evolve and now seemingly becoming more popular concepts. There are...


The Many Faces of Lara Croft

From comes this infographic about the changing face of Lara Croft over the years. Infographic Created by


Out of the box–AGAIN!

Star Frontiers…Still funky after all these years. Hello fellow gamers!  Your friendly Kentucky RPG Guru is here from his overlong sabbatical to...


Gamer’s Workout

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any injuries that occur while you try this out. This article probably won’t give you the six pack that...


Gaming Etiquette: 6 Basic Rules

There are millions of gamers across the globe, and through the internet we have become a community– a new-fleshed society that is still growing...


The Beard Rants: Gaming Over Easy

Demon Souls, when it first came out, was touted as a game for hard-core gamers.  It’s difficulty was as punishing as anyone had ever seen in...

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