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Warriors Turf War Kickstarter

Silly Kid Games have announced that “The Warriors: Turf War” - a board-game based on 1979 cult classic film The Warriors, is now live on Kickstarter.


Road to San Diego Announcement #8

  From BOOM! Studios—   Our eighth announcement in the #RoadToSanDiego reveals our partnership with Everything Epic, Flipside Design...

Sector Prime

Game Review: Sector Prime

Sector Prime may just be the best 4X game on the market for the casual gamer. Read on to learn the more about the Sector Prime gameplay and...

Fate RPG

TableTop Review – Fate

In this review, we explore the RPG Fate. While Fate still holds on to some core features from it's parent game F.A.T.E., it has plenty of new...

Tweets From The Nerds!

Hello @TheNerdOnline's 2206 followers - thank you so much for following! Wishing you all a happy Friday! ➡️🆓…