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Gotham City Impostors DLC On The Way

Some major news seems to have slipped completely under the radar, because the most fun Xbox game out there is going to be getting a DLC pack. Gotham...


Twisted Metal (PS3) – Game Review

Twisted Metal for Playstation 3 is the first major title in the series to see a release since Twisted Metal Black, 11 long years ago. Since then...


Mass Effect 3 Demo Is Out!

Yesterday was Valentines Day, and while most of you were out with your loved ones –  having romantic dinners or basking in each others love...


Where No Merchant Has Gone Before

Settlers of Catan is a household name in board games, especially for serious board gamers.  While it wasn’t the game I cut my teeth on...


Nostalgia #1: Streets of Rage

   Welcome to the first issue of Nostalgia! Let me explain a little bit about what Nostalgia is. Nostalgia is an idea that came from the creative...


The Walking Dead Video Game!

The Walking Dead Video Game! Yes, you crazy Walking Dead lovers, the rumors have come true. The video game following the loved series “The Walking...


The Darkness II – Game Review

It’s not often a game based on a comic can come out of nowhere, alter the story and style it was originally based on, add some strange gameplay...


PSP Titles Coming to a Vita Near You

We’re coming up fast on the February 22nd release date for the Playstation Vita here in the States, and Sony has already shown us a very...



Hokay, Nerds!  I’ve got more Mass Effect content than I can handle, and I have just got to share it all with you! First of all!  Trailers...


Review- Gotham City Impostors

Gotham City Impostors is a game that came from the creative minds of Monolith Productions who have been creating insane games since 1997. You may...

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