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Review- Motor Crush #3

In Motor Crush #3, Domino Swift's double life is catching up with her, can she keep it together to save her family and herself or will she crash and burn?


Comic Preview – Batgirl #49

In this issue of BATGIRL #49, Babs is trapped in her subconscious by the “Fugue” and it is up to Frankie and the Black Canary to help her get out, without...


Comic Review – Batgirl #48

Batgirl continued struggle with her memory gets worse than ever and the Black Canary is in town to help her best friend out.


Comic Review – Batgirl #45

Batgirl is a super fun comic, but this time round it hits a new level and heads straight for adorable yet it's also bittersweet.


Comic Review – Batgirl #44

This issue is the end of another arc of Fletcher's and Stewart's, and just like any of their arcs so far it ends with a lot of drama, and more than a few...


Comic Review- Batgirl #43

The artwork within this comic is fantastic: Babs Tarr continues to wow me with her artistic ability. To me the storyline is far from it's usual standards, but...


Comic Review – Batgirl #42

Stewart and Fletcher usually produce fantastic storylines, but unfortunately for us, this time they failed to deliver. Everything felt rushed; definitely not...


Comic Review- Batgirl #41

Writers:Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher Art: Babs Tarr and Joel Gomez Colours: Serge Lapointe Letters:Steve Wands Cover: Cameron Stewart Publisher: DC...


Comic Review – Batgirl #40

This isn't the best issue of the series, but then again, it doesn't have to be. It's very well put together, the artwork and storyline are of an exception...

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