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Review – Daredevil #595

When the "Kingpin of crime" becomes Mayor of New York City, something is definitely wrong, and when he starts to turn the city against Daredevil, it is time...


A New Look At Darth Vader #1

Prepare for DARTH VADER #1! This June, writer Charles Soule will team with artist Giuseppe Camuncoli to chronicle the epic rise of one of the greatest villains...


First Look at Daredevil #17

  From Marvel Comics—   Just how did Daredevil regain his secret identity?! At last, the story fans have been asking about will be revealed! It all...


Comic Book Review- Curse Words #1

Curse Words #1 follows a seemingly good wizard named "Wizord" doing quite well for himself on Earth. He is granting people wishes and even has a cute talking...


The War for Survival Begins

  From Marvel Comics—   Two super-powered races clash this December as Mutantkind and Inhumanity collide with the fates of their species at stake...

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