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Review – Iron Fists #1

Following up with his series The immortal Iron Fist Kaare Andrews is back with Iron Fists #1. Pei is the youngest person to ever bare the mark of The Iron...


Review – Misfit City #3

Who thought treasure hunting could be so dangerous? The girls are now on the run and the hunt for Black Mary's treasure intensifies as they now they aren't the...


Review- Grass Kings #5

Sheriff Humbert knows his wife is in the "Grass Kingdom" and that "big" Dan has gone missing inside. He has brought all his police forces for an assault on the...


Review – Seven to Eternity #7

Adam saved the mud King instead of Jevalia and now she is on deaths door step. Can the group save her in time and why has Adam gone off on his own with "the...


Review – Diablo House #1

Riley host us through the Diablo House and its many rooms that host many vistors that wish they could leave, this is one of there stories.


HeroesCon 2017 Panel Coverage

A quick look at some of the panels on Friday's (June 16) panels at Charlotte HeroesCon; diversity in comics, Deadpool & Harley Quinn, and women in movies.

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