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Review: Mister Miracle #1

In this re-imagining of the original Mister Miracle, we meet a darker, grittier version of the Man in Red— with a new message of hope for the modern age. 


SDCC – The MCU and the DCEU

San Diego Comic-Con has brought us some more footage and glimpses into the next big films from both Marvel and DC, Thor 3 and Justice League.


Review: Winnebago Graveyard #2

In Winnebago Graveyard #2, Christine, Dan, and Bobby have abandoned their broken-down Winnebago at the creepy carnival, and seek shelter in a nearby town.


Man Vs Rock Returns With UnPresidential

Man Vs Rock Takes On Politics A while back, Word of the Nerd reviewed a comic that was so irreverent, so surreal, so insane, and so funny. That bonkers comic...


Review: Skin & Earth #1

Skin & Earth #1 is an innovative comic project that crosses real life, comics, and music to create a multi-dimensional fantasy realm.

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