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Oni Press February 2018 Solicits

From Oni Press comes the list of solicits for February 2018, with books from Cullen Bunn and Greg Rucka including Rick & Morty, Invader Zim and more


Review – The Unsound #6

Ashli is still trying to escape the "Hidden City"; she just wants to go back home. Is this all in her head, or is she really the "Mother of Blades"?


Review – The Unsound #5

The group of survivors has to go to a group session of their own to try and make sense of this madness, but in this world nothing makes sense in The Unsound #5


Review – The Unsound #3

Trusting Xerxes the psychiatric patient does not seem like the best plan, but with the crazed rioters coming closer the group does not have much of a choice...


Review – Unsound #2

Ashli had a terrible first day at work at the Saint Cascia Psychiatric Hospital and things are not getting any better in Unsound #2

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