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Review – John Carter: The End #1

Barsoom is under the rule of an evil emperor the natives are on the border of extinction and are desperate. Will John Carter once again be their savior?


Comic Review- Vampirella #0

In the year 3016 Vampirella has not been seen for over a thousand years. A group of three adventurers are on their way to awaken her for unknown reasons.

Press Release

New Vampirella Series

  From Dynamite Entertainment—   As the buzz builds for New York Comic-Con, and just in time for Halloween, Dynamite Entertainment announces that...


Comic Review – James Bond #2

James Bond #2 moves deeper into a web of mystery after he comes face to face with an enhanced female spy and only narrowly escapes death in Berlin.


Review – Cryptozoic Man #4

  Um,… I’m at a loss here. I just read Cryptozoic Man #4 and through 24 pages of text and drawings, I had no idea what the hell was going on...


Review – The Twilight Zone #1

Submitted for your approval… Yeah, I know Rod Serling only used the phrase in about three episodes, but it’s become so synonymous with The Twilight...


Battlestar Galactica #6 Review

The sixth issue of Dynamite’s Battlestar Galactica comic is a window into the day life of the Galactica. The day was as stressful as you might imagine, if you...

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