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Review – TMNT Universe #10

TMNT Universe #10 continues Alopex and Angel's journey in the Toad Baron's world. He is throwing the worlds greatest party and all Angel and Alopex want to do...


Review – Night Owl Society #2

David has brought together a "rag tag" group of high school kids together to take down a crime boss and make him pay for killing a teacher and friend. David is...


Review – TMNT Ongoing #67

TMNT #67 The turtles are officially on their own without Master Splinter and the Earth Protection Force is back and ready to take out the "mutant problem"


Comic Review: GI Joe #1

After the events of Revolution the Joe's are back in action and now that are not just out to protect America, but the entire Earth in GI Joe #1.


Comic Review – TMNT #65

In TMNT #65 Mikey decides to get his brothers in the Christmas spirit, with a "small" family Christmas party! What could go wrong! A very Turtle Christmas!

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