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Review – Extremity #4

Jerome goes to confront the man that took the life of his wife during the war, but Dang is now a changed man no longer making instruments of war. Can Jerome...


Review – Redneck #2

After the death of JV's son he has a lot of questions to ask Bartlett as if he is the one that brought this all upon his family. His other family wants out for...


Review – God Country #5

God Country #5 Attum wants Valofax back & he sends the "god of war" to get it, but when Emmett said "come and take it" he meant it. Now it is time for war


Review – Regression #1

Cullen Bunn is no stranger to graphic horror- but Regression #1 hits a new high of creepiness and gore that is sure to impress and disgust.


Review – Moonshine #6

In Moonshine #6 things come to ahead as the New York Gangsters and Holt family shoot it out and the beast literally gets unleashed in ghastly fashion.


Review – The Few #3

Edan Hale is on the run after abandoning her battalion as a fighter for the Palace and has joined the rebellion. Has she truly changed and how will she deal...


Review – God Country #3

Emmett Quinlan is enjoying his new lease on life. Being finally able to spend time with his granddaughter and connect back with his family it seems that having...


Review – God Country #2

Emmett's Alzheimers is cured and his memories come flooding back after wielding a giant sword and slaying a demon. A god wants the sword back but with Emmett...


Review – Moonshine #5

Lou and Holt are discovering that moonshine and werewolves don't mix. The Mob is bringing out the "big guns" to take the mountain and the moonshine for...


Comic Review – Reborn #4

Reborn #4 brings the action with Bonnie and Tom trapped in a prison, there is only one way out and that is straight through the guards.


Comic Book Review- Curse Words #1

Curse Words #1 follows a seemingly good wizard named "Wizord" doing quite well for himself on Earth. He is granting people wishes and even has a cute talking...


Comic Review -The Few #1

The Few #1 is a fantastic first issue that sets up a new world and characters wonderfully all in one issue, While The Few does seem from a first glance a...


Comic Review: God Country #1

God Country #1 is a story of family, hope, struggles and a big sword! "A Long Time Ago, Out in West Texas, there was a storm", So the story begins!


Comic Review: Moonshine #3

Moonshine #3 Lou has a lethal run in and becomes a bit flustered as three other rival gangstas have been sent to check up on him.

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