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8 True Stories About Haunted Dolls

As if movies about a “haunted” doll weren’t creepy enough, we’ve found 8 stories involving real dolls, including the inspiration for the Annabelle movies


Assassin’s Creed Timeline

  The Assassin’s Creed franchise is, without a doubt, one of the biggest ones in gaming, with over fifteen different titles under its belt –...


Meet The Power Rangers

The Power Rangers are back! This March, the Power Rangers take the big screen for a major motion picture for the first time since 1997 in the reboot


Power Rangers Through The Years

From the original Might Morphin Power Rangers right up until this year’s Power Rangers Ninja Steel, the Rangers have gone through 22 costume changes.


Building A Real AT-AT

Ever wonder how much it would take to build an Imperial Walker? Check out this infographic about the cost of building a real-world AT-AT (our expert...


50 Years of Poison Ivy

In June of 1966, Batman #181 was published, and the world was introduced to a notorious eco-terrorist with no origin story who tempted Batman into a...


Ghostbusters Then and Now

When rumors began circulating that a new Ghostbusters movie was in the works, fans were not clear if it would be in the form of a part three or a reboot.


Top Fictional Brands In Film & TV

Fictional brands appear all over the film industry, mostly going unnoticed by the less attentive viewer. But for those whom are eagle-eyed and able to detect...


The Actor Behind The Voices

We thought we would take a look through some of our favorite characters and have a gander at who the actor is behind the voices we love so much

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