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Review – The Unsound #6

Ashli is still trying to escape the "Hidden City"; she just wants to go back home. Is this all in her head, or is she really the "Mother of Blades"?


Review – Misfit City #7

The gang is on the home stretch to finding Black Mary's treasure, but new mysteries keep popping up in Misfit City #7


Review – Grass Kings #9

Pinball and Arthur decide to "help" Bruce and Robert's investigation of an old death in the Grass Kingdom; was it suicide or is something far more nefarious...


Review – The Unsound #5

The group of survivors has to go to a group session of their own to try and make sense of this madness, but in this world nothing makes sense in The Unsound #5


Review – Misfit City #6

Trapped in a cave, looking for treasure, avoiding booby traps now it is just a normal day in the lives of the gang in Misfit City #6


Review – Misfit City #5

The gang is on a real adventure now after narrowly escaping there would be captures, they are now trapped in a cave with twist, turns, rickety bridges and all...


Review – Misfit City #4

Crashing from buildings, running from criminals and being "possessed" by Black Mary's ghost have about got the girls of Misfit City fed up. Will they stay...


Review – Grass Kings #2

With Robert the leader of the Grass Kingdom still dealing with his depression and alcohol abuse his two younger brothers Bruce and Ashur must keep everything...


Comic Review – Limbo #6

Limbo #6 ends the thrilling miniseries on a series of high notes that will leave you with questions and possibly lots of screaming.


Comic Review – Limbo #5

Writer: Dan Watters Artist: Caspar Wijngaard Letterer: Jim Campbell Publisher: Image Comics Release Date: March 9, 2016 This advance review was made possible...


Comic Review – Wolf Country #5

The Wolf Country is not a place you'd want to visit. But story wise it's a place filled with the intrigue that you want to spend your money on.


Comic Review – Limbo #4

In Limbo #4, Clay goes head to head with a gator, the Teleshaman returns to do Bridgette's bidding, and Sandy comes across the perfect mixtape.

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