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Review – John Carter The End #4

John Carter visits an "old friend" as he prepares for the final battle against his own flesh and blood. Thing are not that simple as Dejah soon discovers they...


Review – John Carter: The End #3

John Carter is not as young as he used to be, but that does not mean he has no fight left in him. John Carter must once again pick up his sword and lead the...


Review – John Carter The End #2

Dejah upset with John for lying about the apparent death of their great, great grandson goes to see the now tyrant of Mars to put a stop to his madness.


Review – John Carter: The End #1

Barsoom is under the rule of an evil emperor the natives are on the border of extinction and are desperate. Will John Carter once again be their savior?


Comic Preview – Dejah Thoris #2

Exiled from the kingdom of Helium and on the run, Dejah Thoris turns to the Army of Barsoom. Will she be able to survive long enough to solve the mystery of...


New John Carter Movie Coming Soon

Recently it has been announced that a new John Carter movie will come into the works sometime soon. This is an interesting move in the movie industry for the...

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