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Comic Rant: The Unfair Judgement of DC

March 13th, 2015 | by ,

Sometimes as writers we feel as though at times we must hold back our strong opinions. We hold back from our readers, wishing to only spark debate, not cause an uproar. Sometimes, though, we cannot help ourselves. Sometimes we feel that we can only hold in so much before we must speak aloud before the masses and risk judgment. Sometimes one, or in this case two, must rant about what bothers them. Today Daniel Kalban and I, Travis Greschner, have become irritated to the point of ranting. The unfair judgment on DC comics has been happening a lot as of late and what people fail to realize is that their accomplishments span across a time that seems to be long forgotten. I cannot attest for Daniel, but I do not bash Marvel, nor do I despise them. We both feel as though DC comics simply does not get the respect it deserves. With the announcement of a reinventing of the Batman Universe by one of the most renowned writers in comics, Scott Snyder, DC is under fire with the criticism of the Marvel Hipsters and so called “fans” of the DC universe…

DC Confidential – Episode 49

April 6th, 2014 | by Word Of The Nerd

On tonight’s episode JP and Sam are joined by Daniel to breakdown DC’s television, film and of course comic properties. A string of great episodes has the cast excited about Arrow, while a new Marvel film has them lamenting Man of Steel. Meanwhile DC prepares for its new weekly Batman Eternal, and of course the

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