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Review – Misfit City #7

The gang is on the home stretch to finding Black Mary's treasure, but new mysteries keep popping up in Misfit City #7


Review – Misfit City #6

Trapped in a cave, looking for treasure, avoiding booby traps now it is just a normal day in the lives of the gang in Misfit City #6


Review – Misfit City #5

The gang is on a real adventure now after narrowly escaping there would be captures, they are now trapped in a cave with twist, turns, rickety bridges and all...


Review – Misfit City #4

Crashing from buildings, running from criminals and being "possessed" by Black Mary's ghost have about got the girls of Misfit City fed up. Will they stay...


Review – Misfit City #3

Who thought treasure hunting could be so dangerous? The girls are now on the run and the hunt for Black Mary's treasure intensifies as they now they aren't the...


Review – Misfit City #2

It is going to be the most exciting summer for a group of girls in Cannon Cove! After finding a lost treasure map they are off on an adventure that will have...

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Meet the Cast of MISFIT CITY

  From BOOM! Studios—   With the release this week of the new BOOM! Box title, MISFIT CITY, series artist Naomi Franquiz invites curious readers to...


Review – Misfit City #1

Living and working in the town where the iconic 80's adventure flick "The Gloomies" was filmed seems like it would be great, except if you actually had to live...

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