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Review – Unfollow #17

In Unfollow #17, Billionaire Larry Ferrell, a technological wizard, dies, leaving his 18+ billion dollars to 140 Twitter followers.


Comic Review – Unfollow #4

In Unfollow #4 we learn more about Ferrell's plan, see David try (and fail) to take charge, and witness the first of many deaths on the island.


Comic Review – Unfollow #3

In Unfollow #3, David gets taken for a ride, Deacon makes a new friend, and the "hypothetical" situation to kill your fellow 140 and make off with the profits...


Comic Review – Unfollow #2

In Unfollow #2, we learn more about Ravan's life and witness a sad separation of siblings in St. Louis. Things are picking up, but where are we headed next?


Comic Review – Unfollow #1

In Unfollow #1, a dying billionaire and social media mogul decides that he's going to share the wealth. Split evenly between 140 (supposedly) random people who...


Review – The Royals: Masters of War #1

Vertigo’s The Royals: Masters of War #1 is an odd comic. That’s not entirely true; superpowered beings fighting alongside soldiers in World War II is a concept...


Preview – Ordinary

    From 2000AD–   2000 AD isn’t really known for stories involving superheroes, but we’ve got a new series starting next week which not only...

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