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Review – Extremity #8

Thea seems to finally come to terms with her hatred for the Paznina people as she and Rollo find a place of peace in the "Ancient Dark."


Review – Extremity #7

Thea and Rollo not only have to survive the creatures that lurk in the shadows of The Ancient Dark, but are also now being hunted by the Paznina.


Review – Seven to Eternity #7

Adam saved the mud King instead of Jevalia and now she is on deaths door step. Can the group save her in time and why has Adam gone off on his own with "the...


Review – Extremity #2

Things are getting heated in the world of Extremity. In Extremitiy #2 we are introduced to some new aspects of the world and find out some vital information...


Review – Extremity #1

What happens when you lose the one thing that defines you as a person? Will the quest for revenge for what was taken from you consume you and what will it make...


Comic Review – Tokyo Ghost #1

Writer: Rick Remender Artist: Sean Murphy Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth Letters: Rus Wooton Editor: Sebastian Girner Publisher: Image Comics Release Date: 16th...


Tweets From The Nerds!

Hulkbuster Build-A-Figure Review This is my first attempt at doing a product review. I used one of pinterest.com/pin/1657888300…