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Review – Nailbiter #4

I know, I know, I missed issue three. Sorry, but that’s what happens when books comes out around a national holiday. Sometimes you have to give up your...


Review – Low #1

What continues to impress me about the comic book industry is the growth in storytelling coming out of creator-owned publishers. We may always have our go-to...


Review – Rat Queens #7

If I was the meteorologist of Palisade, I’d definitely start rethinking my career options. A rainstorm is one thing, but giant tentacled elder gods...


Review – Ghosted #11

What makes a killer? What twists and turns in life occur that pushes a person towards a life of death and mayhem? Were they the product of a broken home? Did...


Review – Peter Panzerfaust #19

If you listened to the podcast where I interviewed Kurtis J. Wiebe, then you know that when we talked about Peter Panzerfaust Wiebe pointed out that one of the...


Review – Saga #20

I don’t think I’m over the last page of the last issue, guys. Seriously. I don’t know what devil-magic Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples...


Review – Nailbiter #2

Horror and suspense stories – good horror and suspense stories – live and breathe by their pacing and atmosphere. Without the proper foundation...


Review – Samurai Jack #8

While I always hesitate to use the term “game-changer,” Samurai Jack was a huge step forward in what could be accomplished with cartoons in the...


Review – Ghosted #10

When faced with a demonic figure that was coaxed into fully possessing the girl it’d been suppressed by because you need to save your own skin...


Review – Saga #19

I may be too emotionally invested in Saga because the last page of this issue was like a punch to the gut. No, I don’t think that’s accurate. By...


Review – Nailbiter #1

As a lifelong nail biter, I can safely say that after reading Joshua Williamson’s Nailbiter #1 I’m strongly considering breaking the habit. When a...

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Cosplayer: VANtasmagorical

More pics and video interviews coming soon…

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