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Review – Supergirl #13

Supergirl has her final showdown with the Emerald Empress! Can she survive her savage attack and even if she does will the people of National City ever trust...


Comic Review: MMPR #10

In MMPR #10, Billy is struggling with why he was given this power and if he is truly worthy to help protect Earth. Will he overcome his insecurities?


Comic Review – Super Girl #3

Supergirl is off to confront Cyborg Superman and his newly reformed Argo City, is Kara's mother really alive or just a shell of her former self?


Comic Review – Midnighter #10

Midnighter has to fight against the suicide squad but can he do it and still have an interesting title? Eh somewhat in this review of Midnighter #10


Comic Review- Midnighter #7

Midnighter has to face tragedy that, for once, he did not see coming. In this review by Word of the Nerd of Midnighter #7 from DC Comics.


Comic Review- Midnighter #3

Despite the whole God Garden thing being a weird storyline, Orlando and ACO are killing it. This is one you may wanna stick with for the long haul.

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