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Review – Green Lanterns #35

Jessica Cruz finally works up the courage to ask her boss about going from the kitchen to being a waitress. But before that can happen, she has to fight...


Review – Green Lanterns #34

Being a Green Lantern and saving lives is getting easier and easier for Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, the real struggle comes when the power rings are off and...


Review – Nightwing #29

Gotham City is going to need all the heroes it can get when Mr. Freeze gets control of some frost giants from the Dark Multi-verse and starts to take over the...


Comic Review – Grayson #13

Dick Grayson returns to Spyral! And his hunt for the mysterious Agent 0 continues, with some assistance from a fine feathered friend.


Comic Review – Grayson #12

After faking his death in Forever Evil, Dick Grayson has had to lie about his being dead to those he cared most about. However, after last issue's betrayal...

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