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Review – Mech Cadet Yu #4

The newest cadets have barely had time to get used to their new mechs when the Sharg launch an attack, and now they have to fight for their lives and the fate...


Review – Mech Cadet Yu #3

Training continues for the four newest pilots of the Sky Corps Academy, as they bond with their Mechs, the looming Sharg threat hangs over every one!


Review – Mech Cadet Yu #2

Stanford Yu dream is coming true he is going to be a cadet at the Sky Corps Academy after one of the giant Robots chose him over one of the other Cadets. Now...


Review – Mech Cadet Yu #1

Stanford Yu wants nothing more that to be a Cadet at Sky Corps Academy and be picked by a giant robot to defend Earth. It is too bad he is just the janitor...


Preview – Beautiful Canvas

Lon Eisley is a hitwoman hired to kill a small child a few days after discovering her girlfriend pregnant in this preview of Beautiful Canvas #1

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