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TDK #13  Batman: The Dark Knight #13 – Batman and Scarecrow in a battle of wits. Brilliant writing by Gregg Hurwitz, best issue yet.  – Bryan Brown (@bryanthenerd)
Talon #1  Talon #1– While written somewhat poetically, I can’t help but think that Calvin Rose unnecessary in the grand scheme. – Jason Padua (@Japadua)———Bored with hundreds of bats in Gotham? Try a bird for a change! Oh, wait, Robin! Never mind. – Jay Martin (@thejizzo)
ASM #696  ASM #696 – @DanSlott does it again! He takes an ordinary issue of Spidey and by the end the reader feels like they have run a league! – Jason Padua (@Japadua)
BM Inc #4  Batman Inc. #4 – Only Morrison can do so much damage with so little effort. In one issue he flies in the face of every other Bat book being written. – Jason Padua (@Japadua)
Hulk #15  Incredible Hulk #15 – Jason Aaron’s story was all over the place, but ultimately it leads to a “united” Hulk and a cooler Banner. I will take that. – Jason Padua (@Japadua)
Art #22  Artifacts #22 – A new story arch reintroducing old characters into a new universe. This is a great on-going! – Jay Martin (@thejizzo)
Wolverine Max #1  Wolverine Max #1 – Maximum Wolverine, what’s not to like? Jump on this bus right now! – Jay Martin (@thejizzo)

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