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Big week for comics this week and what better way to sum it up then a bite sized chunk of reviewey goodness!

avenging spi  Avenging Spider-Man #13
What can I say? This book is fun, beautiful, and I always put it down with a smile. Long live Deadham and Spider-Pig! – Jason Padua (‏@Japadua)
fan str  Phantom Stranger #1
The Stranger is proving important. The book has reintroduced Raven, Trigon & Spectre. Didio’s story is interesting, and the art fits well. – Jason Padua (‏@Japadua)
batgirl  Batgirl #13
Hardly a prologue for the Joker, but we get to see @GailSimone ‘s run come full circle. Maybe there has been a bigger arc all along. – Jason Padua (‏@Japadua)
Batman #13  Batman #13
Joker sheds the methodical nature he adopted and returns to being truly maniacal. If this is the calm before the storm then hold on tight! – Jason Padua (‏@Japadua) – – – – -Best book I have read in a long time and it’s only the start. Joker is hardcore and nice treat from @Jock4twenty at the end. – Jason Martin (@thejizzo)
uncanny aven  Uncanny Avengers #1New look team in a new comic arch. A lot of hype around this tittle and it’ll be interesting to see where they go with it. – Jason Martin (@thejizzo)
BWDM  Before Watchmen Dr Manhattan #2Meh – Jason Martin (@the jizzo)

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