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This is one of the best weeks for massive comics the world has ever seen, EVER! Now suck on some 1 Tweet Reviews, mother comic bookers.

Batman  Batman #14– Joker ups the stakes. Scott Snyder, you are a GOD.  – Bryan Brown (@bryanthenerd)————The Joker has Alfred?! WTF man? Butlers are off limits! – Mark Driscoll (@Tusk1113)—————This arch is like a sledge hammer. Someone told Joker to go hard or go home, he aint going home. – Jay Martin (@thejizzo)
X-men  All New X-Men #1– An awesome first issue without having to deal with a tiresome reboot. – Bryan Brown (@bryanthenerd)————Why tell a story in 5 pages when you can stretch it out to 22? Seriously, was expecting more from BMB. – Mark Driscoll (@Tusk1113)
X Leg  X-Men Legacy #1 –  The “All new and exciting” method of show Haller’s split personality is a mental prison? Yawn. – Mark Driscoll (@Tusk1113)
Batgirl  Batgirl #14–  First Alfred, then Bab’s mom? What is next on the Joker’s agenda, Tim’s 9th grade Algebra teacher? – Mark Driscoll (@Tusk1113)————Joker ups his game and his plans start to unfold in a bit of a wired way. The bat family are running out of loved ones fast. – Jay Martin (@thejizzo)
fan 4  Fantastic Four #1 – See All-New X-Men, replace BMB with Fraction. – Mark Driscoll (@Tusk1113)
Thor  Thor: God of Thunder #1 – Now THIS is what you call epic. Art, Story, Script, all pitch perfect for this new series, can’t wait for #2 – Mark Driscoll (@Tusk1113)
Suicide  Suicide Squad #14 – The Joker and Harley, some crap I don’t care about, then back to Joker and Harley. It’s all about having a hat psycho sidekick! – Jay Martin (@thejizzo)

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