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Ramming our opinion down your throat has never been so compact and witty! Suck on my 1 tweet reviews….

SW#1  Star Wars #1 – Someone mention Star Wars? Better jump on board and make some money by filling in the gaps no one cares about. Bad thing? Hell no!!! – Jay Martin (@thejizzo)
spidy  Superior Spider-Man #1 – F#@k you! – Jay Martin (@thejizzo)
thor  Thor: God of Thunder #4 – Old man Thor takes on the God Butcher in Asgard.  God violence is cool! – Jay Martin (@thejizzo)
punisher  Punisher: War Zone #4 – Punisher’s guilt trip continues as Thor turns up to give him an earful. Very cool bit in an airfield! – Jay Martin (@the Jizzo)
Action  Action Comics #16 – Morrison has made this book into a mess. He has more characters and plots going on than he knows what to do with. – Jason Padua (@japadua)
Pst  Phantom Stranger #4 – The New 52 has proven two things: One, JLD is more important that the actual Justice League, and two, Constantine & Phantom Stranger may be the most important of them all. – Jason Padua (@japadua)
SW#16  Stormwatch #16 – A year and a half in and this story is finally starting to pay off. Stormwatch has evolved into a DC powerhouse, just don’t waste your time trying to understand how we got here. – Jason Padua (@japadua)
Animal  Animal Man #16 – @JeffLemire is making Rotworld his personal playground. While the connections between characters seem forced, it works well enough, and Medphyll’s inclusion is awesome. – Jason Padua (@japadua)———– @JeffLemire keeps up the pace going with another installment of Rotworld. The new Green Lantern is awesome. Bring on the final battle next month! – Jack Chambers (@JLWChambers)
Swamp  Swamp Thing #16 – Even in death, @SSnyder1835 has Batman saving the day! Abigail’s fate might just be the darkest part of this story, and readers will be completely invested in it. – Jason Padua (@japadua)———- @Ssnyder1835 does it again. First the heartbreak of American Vampire and now another painful twist in his tales of Alec Holland. – Jack Chambers (@JLWChambers)
Earth  Earth 2 #8 – Still waiting to see more of the team and how they will function together, but the writing for Fury proves why James Robinson is one of my favs! – Jason Padua (@japadua)
DC#16  Detective Comics #16 – Detective still has a ways to go before it is great again, but loved seeing the “Joker effect” on the city. Emperor Penguin is annoying though. – Jason Padua (@japadua)
AoA  Age of Apocalypse #11 – When all is said and done, this book will be one of the most cohesive and compelling stories Marvel has offered in years. – Jason Padua (@japadua)
Mind  Mind The Gap #7 – @JimMcCann is paving one of the most compelling narratives in comics today. Surreal, intriguing, and down to earth, all at once. – Jack Chambers (@JLWChambers)

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