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It’s that time again. Prep your shock and ore faces ready for some 1 tweet comic reviews!

Darth Maul  Star Wars: Darth Maul – Death Sentence #2It’s a Star Wars mini-series, with Darth Maul in it, from Dark Horse, That is all!
ultimate x #15 Ultimate Comics X-Men #15Ultimate = The best Marvel universe + X-Men = The best Marvel comics. – Jason Martin (@thejizzo)
Aquaman_12 Aquaman #12Action, action, action as The Others continues. Brilliant art by Ivan Reis & @Joe_Prado. Aquaman ROCKS! – Bryan Brown (@bryanthenerd)
Avenging_Spider-Man_Vol_1_11_Textless  Avenging Spider-Man #11@ZebWells returns, but things switch up. I wasn’t thrilled with the art, but it is a fitting tribute to Spidey’s legacy & 50th anniversary. – Jason Padua (@japadua)
fl-justice-league  Justice League #12The prelude to the new DCU comes to an end & we enter it truly. @geoffjohns & @JimLee have crafted this thing amazingly, wow! – Jason Padua (@japadua)
GLA1  Green Lantern Annual #1For something that took a year build up, it was head scratchingly dumb. I can’t wait for the Lanterns to dispose of the Guardians after that. -Joseph Furguson (@malestrithe)

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