10 Books for the October 2019 #WotNReadingChallenge

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The October #WotNReadingChallenge Prompt Is

Genre fiction is often looked down upon, I guess because people don’t like having fun. Here’s a list of books of genre fiction by authors of color for this month’s #WotNReadingChallenge, because diversifying your reading list is never a bad idea.

10 Books of Genre Fiction by Authors of Color for the October 2019 #WotNReadingChallenge

My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

October 2019 #WotNReadingChallengeSometimes it’s hard to be a good sister. Korede knows this better than most people, since her sister Ayoola keeps killing her boyfriends. Then, Ayoola gets her heart set on Korede’s choice. Now, Korede must choose between her sister and the law, before anyone else gets hurt. This book was  longlisted for  the 2019 Booker Prize.

Follow Her Home by Steph Cha

October 2019 Reading ChallengeThis book is a modern take on the noir. Amateur sleuth Juniper Song is asked  by her  friend to investigate  his father’s relationships.   Soon  enough,  Song realizes that she’s in way over her head.

The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

October 2019 #WotNReadingChallengeI’m sure, out there in the world, there are people who dream of a public proposal at a baseball game. Not me (public proposals were a mistake). This romance starts with Nikole suffering one of these kinds of proposals from her boyfriend of less than a year. Luckily for her, a couple of people nearby (including a handsome doctor)  manage  to  protect  her  from the  camera crews. Maybe something good will come out of this after all?

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

October 2019 Reading ChallengeStella isn’t really comfortable with intimacy. She decides to fix this issue by hiring a  prostitute, Michael,  for intimacy lessons. I  read  this while  sitting like 50 feet from a chapel, and it’s steamy enough where I would recommend not doing that.

The Plotters by Un-Su Kim

October 2019 #WotNReadingChallengeRenseng was raised  as an assassin. One day, an assignment  goes wrong.  Suddenly, Renseng realizes his status quo is not stable. Now, Renseng must decide what happens next.

The Poppy War by RF Kuang

October 2019 Reading ChallengeIn the Nikara empire, the path out of aimless poverty goes through the Academies. When Rin pushes herself to get into the elite military  academy  named Sinegard, she realizes that it’s only just the beginning. After all, students of war often end up in them.

Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

October 2019 #WotNReadingChallengeCasiopea is a poor relation in her grandfather’s household; she’s expected to work hard, but is treated terribly. One day, she opens a box, freeing Hun-Kamé, the deposed Mayan god of death. She volunteers to help him regain his place, and both are much changed by the journey.

Infomocracy by Malka Ann Older

October 2019 Reading ChallengeIn the future, there aren’t countries. Instead, there are centenals (100,000 voter districts) and elections every ten years. And it is an election year. There’s intrigue afoot, and the world may change again.

White Is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi

October 2019 #WotNReadingChallengeMiranda is disappearing, which seems inexplicable. However, if her family looked at the history of the house, they might find an explanation…

Witchmark by CL Polk

October 2019 Reading ChallengeMiles ran away from his family to escape their expectations for his magic. Now a healer, he must come out of hiding to figure out a magical medical mystery.

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